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Dressage saddles

The Fryso dressage saddles are handmade horse saddles made of the best pre-selected materials. Apart from the comfortable fit for the horse, the working of the riders seat and aids have been taken in account when designing the saddle. A right fitting saddle helps the rider use the smallest of aids. Because of the optimal contact of the saddle on the horse’s back even the smallest aids are effective.


A lot of attention has been paid to the possibility of a relaxed and natural position for the rider.

Horseback riding is hard enough without having to pay attention to your position all the time.


Fryso’s dressage saddles are filled with 100% natural wool so the saddles adjust well to the horse’s back.


Naturally your personal wishes can be incorporated in your saddle.


Fryso dressage saddles come in the following types:



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