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Two-in-hand Exclusive Equestrian Sport

Fryso Zadels is part of Tweespan Exclusive Ruitersport VOF in Boornbergum and is specialized in measuring and selling tailor-made saddles. We do this throughout the Netherlands and also across the border in Germany and Belgium.

We have 5 employees working in the field to measure saddles and to check / fill saddles. In addition, there are 3 more employees working in the office and in the store, to support the field service, to process webshop orders and to provide specialized advice by telephone or physically in the showroom. Our field staff are MFSC trained/qualified.

  • 100% Handmade
  • Own fitting and measurement service
  • +25 years of knowledge & experience
  • Real English leather + 1 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty on the tree
  • Visit our equestrian shop >
Would you like to know more about our saddles or schedule a service appointment?

A total of 8 expert employees work in our Equestrian shop Tweespan Exclusive in Boornbergum. Take a look at our extensive range www.tweespan.com† In addition to supplying saddles from Wintec, Arena and Bates, we have developed our own saddle in our saddlery. Fryso® is a worldwide registered brand under which Tweespan Exclusive Equestrian markets its specially designed horse saddles.

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Our Saddle Specialists

Sybren Minkema

Active in dressage and harness sport with Friesian horses. Specialized in measuring (Fryso) saddles.

Emma Spoelstra – Kingma

Active in dressage sport (KWPN and Friesian). Specialized in (Fryso) saddle filling, saddle repair, Bit and Bridle fitter and measuring De Niro riding boots.

Marian Raven

Active in show jumping and dressage sport (KWPN). Specialized in filling and repairing (Fryso) saddles.

Elzelien Renssen

Active in the breeding of Friesian horses.

Rianne de Jong – Struijs

Active in dressage sport. Specialized in selling equestrian articles, webshop management, Social Media, customer contact and measuring De Niro riding boots.

Meinie Kampen

Active in dressage sport. Tweespan shop and webshop, advice and sales employee, Social Media and tailoring De Niro riding boots.

Annamaaike Fokkema

Anna Maaike Fokkema

Anna Maaike has worked for years with Friesian horses, now she rides and drives with her harness. She is currently training as a saddle fitter at Saddle Professional and our internal training.

Marrit de Vries

Marrit de Vries

Marrit is active in dressage with both Friesian horses and KWPN horses. She is currently training as a saddle fitter at Saddle Professional and our internal training.