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Stable de Weidhoeve & Jelle ter Weide

Stal de Weidhoeve is a trading and training stable for various horse breeds, and are particularly specialized in the Friesian breed. You can contact us for training in dressage sport, harnessed sport, teaching and correction, preparing inspections and riding an IBOP.

Name: Jelle ter Weide
Place of residence: Tjerkwerd
Type Fryso: various Fryso saddles

  • 100% Handmade
  • Own fitting service
  • +25 years of knowledge & experience
  • Real English leather + 1 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty on the tree
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Long-lasting riding boots

Quality is what Stal de Weidhoeve stands for and that is of course not possible without good equipment. That is why we chose the quality products of Tweespan Exclusive Ruitersport and Fryso Zadels. For example, Jelle van der Weide rides all his horses with a Fryso Profile dressage saddle and buys his products at Tweespan Ruitersport.

After having had different brands of riding boots, I finally opted for De Niro boots. And I can say, I don't want anything else! The boots are well-fitted and used intensively, but despite that they have a long lifespan and a high level of comfort.