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“Fryso's service is really fantastic, they think along with you and look at the rider's wishes. In addition, they have a lot of expertise and the horse is also central.”

Name: Esther Hoekstra
Place of residence: Kollumerzwaag
Highest level ridden: ZZ-Heavy / 135 Jumping
Saddle type: Fryso Comfort AE Special & Fryso Mono Jump
Website: https://stalestherhoekstra.nl/

  • 100% Handmade
  • Own fitting service
  • +25 years of knowledge & experience
  • Real English leather + 1 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty on the tree
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Esther has both dressage and jumping saddles from Fryso, she is very satisfied and happy with all her saddles!

Fryso Mono Jump
It is very nice that you have a relaxed seat, you sit freely, but because of the mono-leaf sweat leaf you sit close to the horse. You have a lot of contact with the horse. In addition, it is easy on many horses, and they all jump and run nicely under it. Making/teaching the saddle with this saddle is also really nice. The long girths also allow me to easily ride with different dressage girths, which often lie more nicely behind the horse's shoulder.

Fryso Comfort AE Special
Esther has two of the same type of saddles, the fryso Comfort AE Special, but with two different tree sizes. This allows Esther to choose which saddle fits best on which horse. In terms of seat, the saddles have a deep seat, but it does not feel very forced. Due to the shape (Deep 2010 Carved), the leg lies nicely on the saddle and around the horse. The lower leg is stable and I have a lot of support.

Esther has a training stable in Kollumerzwaag, Frisian. Here you can learn, train and correct (young) horses. But also for sale and competition of jumping and dressage horses

Esther currently rides with Mr. Magic Colors (by Freeman VDL) jumps at 130m level, and has previously ridden various horses up to ZZ-Zwaar level in dressage.