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Together with my instructor and partner Henk van Mourik, we strive to train our horses as well as possible in the dressage sport. A suitable saddle is very important. I noticed this a few years ago when I first had Marian Raven at our stable to fill up my saddle. The saddle I was riding with at the time turned out not to fit my horse well and she advised me to buy another saddle. We did this and our horse immediately started to finish her movements better. After a few years with Marian's stuffing service, it has come to the point that our horse has outgrown her Fryso saddle and was ready for a wider saddle.

Name: Lora Burger
Place of residence: Purmer
Saddle type: Fryso Comfort AE Special
Website: Dressage stable Lora Burger

  • 100% Handmade
  • Own fitting service
  • +25 years of knowledge & experience
  • Real English leather + 1 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty on the tree
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The filling service and the fitting service are highly recommended

Then we bought a new Fryso saddle that was measured by Sybren Minkema, which we are still very happy with every day! My other Fryso saddle is completely fitted and padded for our other Friesian horse.

The horses move very nicely and never react with girths or anything like that. I would recommend both the filling service and the fitting service for a new saddle, they are real professionals, come from the sport themselves and see very well what the horse and rider needs.