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Always dreamed of a Fryso saddle

I have my own fries Sietse ML since he was a foal. I have always said that when he had grown I wanted a Fryso, no one could talk me out of that, I was already dreaming of it. Because I am not the thinnest myself, it is of course important that everything fits well.

Name: Remona van Maurik
Place of residence: Upper Lions
Highest level driven: M2
Fryso type: Legato

  • 100% Handmade
  • Own fitting service
  • +25 years of knowledge & experience
  • Real English leather + 1 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty on the tree
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1st thanks to Fryso

2 days after my phone call they came to the stable to fit a new saddle, after trying on 4 saddles I fell in love with the Legato, this saddle was solid. This has turned out to be the perfect combination, not only that Sietse ML developed nicely in muscling, but also in competitions it goes well. But from November 6, 2013 I am in possession of a Fryso Legato and after I had it all back together and it ran well, I started L1. I started in December in the L1 and after 6 races my points were full with what I could only have dreamed of with always a 1st or 2nd prize. Thanks to Friso!