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A top saddle and top service!

A saddle with a lot of shoulder freedom for Florian La Dolce Vita

Name: Linda van der Heide – Ernst
Place of residence: Noordwolde Fr.
Type Fryso: Fryso Devotion

  • 100% Handmade
  • Own fitting service
  • +25 years of knowledge & experience
  • Real English leather + 1 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty on the tree
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Introduction to Fryso saddles

I have been riding with a Fryso saddle, type Devotion, since 2022. I am extremely happy with it. From the first moment my horse got on the saddle, I immediately felt that she had more shoulder freedom. This was also clearly visible from the side.

Personally, I like a deep seat and knee bend, but I want to be able to sit casually and this combination is exactly what the Fryso Devotion offers me! The saddle can also be customized with nice details, for example my saddle has various patent leather piping and a patent leather cantle.

When it is time for a saddle check, I send a message and one of the expert fitters will visit us to check everything and adjust where necessary. A top saddle and top service!