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Prevent back pain in horses

Back pain in horses is more common than most realize. Back pain in horses can be caused by a number of things. A saddle that does not fit properly remains a major cause of back pain. The saddle that is not the right size and that does not perfectly match the shape of your horse can have very nasty consequences. We therefore tell you what a 'well-fitting saddle' is and how you can recognize back pain in horses in time. Because prevention is still better than cure!

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It is important that your horse maintains maximum shoulder freedom at all times. If your horse doesn't have enough shoulder freedom through the saddle, he won't get enough freedom to make his strides long. This means that the horse will walk shorter. Pain also quickly develops in the shoulders and withers. This is due to too much pressure on the muscles and shoulder blades of the horse. This is not only very annoying and painful for the horse, it also deteriorates your performance. Fortunately, you can avoid these nasty problems with a perfectly tailored saddle!

Tailor-made for back pain in horses

When you decide to purchase a new saddle or when you have bought a new horse, it is therefore very important that you use the right saddle immediately. We think it is very important that every horse and rider / rider uses the perfect saddle and therefore have a special saddle fit service to house! This means that we come to your home to measure the saddle. As a result, you do not have to travel and the fitting takes place in an environment familiar to the horse where he feels at ease. The saddle fit bus will visit you and you can try out all kinds of different saddles. If necessary, we make the saddle completely custom.

Recognizing back pain in horses

A bell should ring when you notice that your horse is showing one or more of the following most common symptoms:

  • takes fewer steps,
  • less forward,
  • angrily reacts to the saddle,
  • tenderness in the back,
  • difficulty with canter, bends and other riding skills.

Unfortunately, back pain in horses is not always recognizable!

That is why we advise you: “Better safe than sorry”! Since our horses cannot tell us when something is bothering them, we prefer to err on the side of caution. That is why we will always recommend that you use a perfectly fitting saddle.

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