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About us

About us

Fryso is a part of Tweespan Ruitersport in Boornbergum and is specialized in saddle-fitting  and the sale of fitted saddles.  We sell throughout the whole Netherlands.


We have two employees for the saddle fitting and two employees for the saddle check-ups and filling. Our employees are MSFC-qualified.


Besides the supply of saddles of all the famous brands, we also developed our own saddle. Fryso is a worldwide registered brand under which Tweespan Ruitersport markets their specially designed saddles.


In our equestrian store Tweespan in Boornbergum work a total of 5 expert-employees.  For our extensive range also take a look on www.tweespan.nl

Do you need advice? E-mail or call 0031 512 382 075