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Which bit is suitable for my horse or pony

We often get the question: which bit is suitable for my horse/pony? We are happy to help you to answer this question. Our colleague Emma has completed the IEEBF bit fitting training to advise customers perfectly.

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A well-fitting bit and bridle depends on many factors. Knowledge of the anatomy of the horse's head and the correct tack is very important. Many problems are caused by poorly maintained teeth, incorrect use of a bit, the wrong bit choice or a poorly fitting saddle. Common problems include:

  • The horse has visible pain in the mouth, for example open spots.
  • The horse shakes or throws its head.
  • The tongue is protruded from the mouth.
  • Horse is too strong.
  • Horse is very restless while riding.
  • Blood in the mouth.
  • The horse doesn’t easily relax it’s body and/or is tight on one side.

A bit- and bridlefit session includes

Teeth check

Every bitfit session starts with a dental check. It is very important for the position and effect of a bit that the teeth are in order. The front part of the molars, the incisors and any wolf teeth will also be examined.

Mouth check

After the teeth have been checked, the lips, cheeks, tongue, bars, mucosa and palate are examined. It is also checked whether there are any wounds from the current bit or an old trauma.

Bit check

During a bit fitting session, the current bit is checked for pressure, effect and size. It is also checked whether this bit still fits with the current training goals and expectations.

Bridle check

The current bridle is checked. The fit, size and pressure points are extensively examined.

Bit advice

Based on the findings and the test ride, a bit advice will follow that best suits the combination.

Of great importance for your horse

A bit and bridlefit session is not only important when there are problems. A bit and bridlefit session is also important to avoid problems, or to see what can be improved in the mouth and on the head to improve the comfort and performance of the horse.

Make an appointment?

An appointment is required for a bit and bridlefit session with your horse. To make an appointment, please contact us by calling 0512-382075 send an email to info@tweespan.com . contact form. to fill in. Enter in your message that it concerns a bitfit session.

  • Fitting snaffle bits: Correctly fitting a snaffle bit will take about one to one and a half hours.
    The costs for this consultation are € 65 + travel costs*
  • Fitting curb and snaffle bit: Correctly fitting a bar and snaffle bit will take approximately one and a half to two hours. The costs for this consultation are € 75,- + travel costs*
  • *The distance is measured, via Google Maps, from our starting location in Boornbergum (the shop)