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A new saddle

I am the lucky winner of the Fryso Saddle via the Bit contest. Coincidentally I had just bought a new horse (a 3 year old Westpoint). So I could use a new saddle, for this I had a Kieffer saddle that I had used for 12 years on various horses that I rode to Z dressage. I had never heard of Fryso saddles!

Name: Nathalie Buitenhuis

  • 100% Handmade
  • Own fitting service
  • +25 years of knowledge & experience
  • Real English leather + 1 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty on the tree
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Introduction to Fryso saddles

October 10, 2011 was the day, after first getting acquainted, Diamond Westpoint's back was carefully measured. After that I rode on many different types of saddles, but the Profile was the best for me. It fit like a glove, quiet leg position and a nice seat and Diamond runs great with it. A Fryso Saddle is definitely recommended by me.