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MGPNGP participants about their Fryso saddle

In 2023, Fryso saddles helped to take the Mei Grand Prix Nei Grand Prix initiative to a new level: version 3.0! 4 talented combinations are given all the resources to achieve the maximum with their horse. Read more about the initiative here.

One of these resources is a Fryso saddle, specially fitted for their horse. Now that they have been riding with the saddle for some time, we ask the riders about their opinion and experience with the saddle.

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Afke Weidenaar with Florian Douwe from Bijschuur

The fitting of the saddle was done very professionally by Emma, ​​she immediately indicated where the points of interest for a good saddle were for us. Douwe has quite a difficult build, and due to his narrow body, most saddles do not stay in place properly. He also has a lot of exercise, so sitting is quite a challenge for me.

After trying some saddles we ended up with the Fryso Devotion Mono. This saddle stays in place perfectly and offers me the opportunity to sit comfortably. I also notice that Douwe has much more shoulder freedom. After six months, the saddle has been refilled by Marrit and we can go for it again for a while!

Linda Ernst with Florian La Dolce Vita

I have been riding with a Fryso saddle and anatomical Fryso girth for almost a year now and I am really happy with it. Last year we had a fitting session and were able to try out various models. For us there was clearly 1 model that stood out and that was the Fryso Devotion.

From the first moment that Florian La Dolce Vita was saddled, I immediately felt that she had more shoulder freedom and this was clearly visible from the side. The saddle is also very comfortable for me. The saddle has a deep seat and a lot of knee bend. This gives me the necessary support, but despite this I feel independent and relaxed in the saddle. As icing on the cake, the saddle is finished with beautiful patent leather details.

Marjan Schalekamp with Florian Katniss

Florian Katniss has been fitted with a very nice saddle by the Tweespan team. Completely custom made to your own wishes.

Due to some back and leg problems, I like to sit on a certain type of saddle. They have a 16,5 Inch Fryso Comfort Special AE saddle that fits me and my horse perfectly. In fact, it suits me so well that I use it on all 6 of my dressage horses! They walk wonderfully under it.

I can sit on it comfortably. It has been specially adjusted for my pelvis by the professionals at Tweespan. The bridle was also put together in close consultation and we are very pleased with it. The entire harness has a nice chic look with some lacquer accents but not too much bling.