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Champions Fryso Florian trophy 2023

The first edition of the new Fryso Florian Cup. for up-and-coming talents in dressage and harness sport with Frisian horses has proven to be a wonderful success. This competition was made possible by Fryso Zadels and Florian Horse Food in collaboration with it Royal Friesian Horse Studbook.

In this competition, horse owners can test the dressage or harness aptitude of their young Friesian horses aged 4 to 6 years. The horses are judged on their gaits, carriage, suppleness, harmony and relaxation. Through selection competitions, the best horses are selected to compete for the win during the central inspection of the KFPS.

The final was held on September 15, 2023 during the 2023 Central Inspection of the KFPS in Harich.

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The competition

Interest increased throughout the competition, with more participants per selection competition and more combinations qualifying for the semi-finals. No fewer than 75 combinations qualified for the semi-finals, after which the top three in each category were allowed to put their best foot forward during the final during the central inspection.

The harness champions

Harnesses stallions/geldings: Koendert fan 'e Bûtemare (Nane 492) ridden by Iris Sijtsma

Harness mares: Hieke fan Bokkum (Eise 489) ridden by Simone Jongbloed

The dressage champions

4-year-old mares: Jolise Birthe fan Friesburg (Ulbran 502) ridden by Jelmer Ketelaar

4-year-old stallions/geldings: Jary van de Dompstede (Tiede 501) ridden by Marell Hilberts

5-year-old mares: Imre SR (Menne 496) ridden by Monique Brandsma-Van der Meij

5-year-old stallions/geldings: Igor van Kreterenhof (Alwin 469) ridden by Jose van Haaren

6-year-old mares: Fleur O. (Markus 491) ridden by Christina Dijkstra

6-year-old stallions/geldings: Daan van de Meikade (Hette 481) ridden by Hennie Roffel

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