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Horses2fly KFPS outdoor driving competition 2023

To promote the Friesian horse in driving sport in a pleasant, friendly and sporty way, a driving competition exclusively for Friesian horses has been held in the north of the Netherlands since 2007.

In 6 selection competitions, participants can qualify for the final on August 9, 2023, where they will compete for a beautiful trophy.

In addition to their ribbon, blanket and/or trophy, the winners in all categories were also presented with a well-stocked goodie bag from Tweespan and Fryso.


Photo courtesy of Johanna Faber

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Champions outdoor driving competition 2023

Undefeated champions

In this edition of the championship, Udo de Haan managed to become overall champion in this competition for the fourth time. Both this year and last year he managed to win the trophy with Its fan de Kressers (Hessel 480 x Bartele 472).

Winners per category

Class B: Marrit de Vries with Ieteke Jildau fan Sparjeburd (Elias 494)

Class L: Udo de Haan with Jolene SA (Markus 491)

Class M: Karin Vermeulen with Bente (Wolfert 467)

Class Z: Udo de Haan with Its fan de Kressers (Hessel 480)

Class ZZ: Ria Hettinga and Stal Hettinga's Allure (Tsjalle 454)