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How do I maintain my saddle?

To maintain the high quality and suppleness of the leather, it is important that you regularly clean and treat the saddle and the stirrup leathers.

When purchasing a saddle from us, you will receive a bottle of Tweespan maintenance product for free.


After each use: Remove coarse dirt such as sand and mud with a soft brush and/or damp cloth from the saddle, girth, stirrup leathers and stirrups to prevent wear and drying out.
Weekly: You can clean the leather weekly with a mild cleaning agent such as saddle soap. Don't use too much. Apply it to a cloth and wipe the leather clean. In this way you prevent damage by, for example, skin fat.
Monthly: To keep the leather beautiful for as long as possible, to prevent it from drying out and to keep it supple, you should lubricate the saddle with saddle grease/dressing once a month. This nourishes the leather so that it does not dry out. Dehydration can cause cracks and eventually tears in the leather: potentially very dangerous! Clean the saddle and then feed the leather with saddle grease/dressing. Again, money here: not too much. Does the grease absorb into the leather very quickly? Then you can apply another thin layer. Any type of leather, especially black leather, will lose color over time with use. Proper maintenance can slow this process down.

Tip: your bridle, riding boots and other leather also benefit from the above care!


Regular checking of the girth straps, stirrup springs (suspension of the stirrup leather) and stitching is also very important. Our tip is to do this during the monthly greasing, then it will never be forgotten. Do you see damage? Then let the saddler repair the saddle for you. After all, it is for your own safety. Our saddlers can make such repairs during a saddle check on location, or you can bring your saddle to us for repair in the shop by our saddlers.

We advise at least annually have a saddle check carried out to ensure that your saddle fits your horse properly. An ill-fitting saddle can hinder a horse's movement or even cause a lot of pain and permanent damage to the back.

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