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How do I use my saddle?

Although everyone learns how to saddle and mount a horse, we understand that you want to make sure you use your saddle properly. That is why we have the following tips for you:

When saddled, make sure that you place the saddle behind the horse's shoulder. Place the saddle just behind the withers and slide it gently back, the saddle will come to rest at the point where it is in balance. In this way the hairs under the saddle (deck) also lie comfortably in the right direction. Check whether the saddle is set back far enough by feeling with your hand whether the flap is behind the shoulder blade of the horse.

To protect both the horse's back and the saddle, it is advisable to mount your horse with a step aid (stool or step).

To take off, place the left hand with the rein on the mane comb and with the right hand reach over the saddle seat to the right side of the saddle. Do not pull yourself up on the spoon. Pulling up on the saddle spoon with your right hand increases the chance of your saddle or saddle tree twisting.

To enjoy your saddle as long as possible, it is important that you check it regularly and takes care.

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