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Why riders choose Fryso Saddles

Skilled and handmade horse saddles

Fryso® saddles are handmade horse saddles and made from pre-selected materials of English quality and manufacture. Our saddles are manufactured in England by craftsmen of the highest level. England is far ahead of other countries when it comes to horse saddles.

England horse country

England has always been the horse country par excellence. We have chosen to use the age-old English knowledge and craftsmanship in combination with our experience and knowledge of the anatomy of the Friesian horse. This has resulted in a saddle that offers a lot of comfort to both the rider/rider and the horse, the Fryso® saddle. What makes the Fryso® saddle unique is that the saddle is made by one and the same saddler from start to finish. This means that all customer wishes can be incorporated into the horse saddle.

  • 100% Handmade
  • Own fitting service
  • +25 years of knowledge & experience
  • Real English leather + 1 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty on the tree
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Customized comfort for horse and rider

Anatomically shaped cushions

The Fryso® saddle has extra wide hand-filled cushions. The cushions are filled with 100% natural wool. These are anatomically shaped, so that they fit well to the horse's back. Due to these well-shaped cushions, the weight of the rider/amazon is optimally distributed over the horse saddle. This benefits the horse's back. The horse must carry its load with as little burden as possible. Specially shaped bends ensure a quiet leg position. This allows better absorption of the horse's movement.

Exceptional Features

Fyso® saddles are characterized by a lot of shoulder freedom for the horse and a lot of space in the cushion for the horse's spine. Fryso® saddles are popular because of the good finish and the very comfortable soft seat. All Fryso® saddles are manufactured with a wooden spring tree as a base and are available in sizes 16 to 18,5 for the rider/amazon and fit 2 to 7 for the horse.

Our Saddle Specialists

Sybren Minkema

Active in dressage and harness sport with Friesian horses. Specialized in measuring (Fryso) saddles.

Emma Spoelstra – Kingma

Active in dressage sport (KWPN and Friesian). Specialized in (Fryso) saddle filling, saddle repair, Bit and Bridle fitter and measuring De Niro riding boots.

Mariana Raven

Active in show jumping and dressage sport (KWPN). Specialized in filling and repairing (Fryso) saddles.

Elzelien Renssen

Active in the breeding of Friesian horses.

Rianne de Jong – Struijs

Active in dressage sport. Specialized in selling equestrian articles, webshop management, Social Media, customer contact and measuring De Niro riding boots.

Meinie Kampen

Active in dressage sport. Tweespan shop and webshop, advice and sales employee, Social Media and tailoring De Niro riding boots.

Anna Maaike Fokkema

Anna Maaike has worked with Friesian horses for years, now she rides and drives with her harness. Specialized in saddle padding and repair.

Marrit de Vries

Marrit is active in dressage with both Friesian horses and KWPN horses. Specialized in saddle padding and repair.