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The horse's back and the saddle should be well protected, right? We think so too! It is also important that you keep this in mind when boarding. Most riders among us develop their own way of mounting over time. We quickly get into the habit of doing this a certain way. But who among us really thinks about how we get on our horse? Are you perhaps putting too much weight on one side of the saddle or are you falling into the saddle? These are a few important questions to consider when boarding. To protect both the horse's back and the saddle, it is advisable to mount your horse with a mounting aid. You can do this easily by using the stepping on with stool or with a step.

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Getting on with a stool is essential for your horse, yourself and your saddle!

Getting on with a stool is essential if you value your horse's physical and mental health. Getting on the wrong way does not only have negative consequences on your body and that of your horse. Incorrect mounting can also lead to great tension for the horse. This can lead to behavioral problems and anxiety in the long run. problems you would rather prevent than cure!

In addition, the pressure is better distributed on the body and it is easier to alternate between both sides when you use a stool. So these are. When you use a stool, you also think about your own health. Your back is put under a lot less strain! Another great advantage of getting on with a stool: your saddle remains protected for longer! The pressure is distributed more evenly in the saddle, which prevents 'skewing'. What are you waiting for? Get started the right way today!

The benefits of getting on with a stool

Why get on with a stool? We have listed the most important points for you below:

  • This puts less pressure on the horse's spine,
  • The pressure on the horse's withers decreases,
  • Your saddle will last longer because you distribute the pressure evenly,
  • It puts less burden on your own back and groin,
  • Prevents skewing of the saddle on the horse's back,
  • You prevent behavioral problems due to tension and fear.

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