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KFPS Dressage Championship

Traditionally, the Dressage Competition for Friesian Dressage Horses in the Netherlands, organized by an enthusiastic team of horse lovers.

Fryso Zadel has also been a loyal sponsor of this great event for years, and Tweespan Ruitersport is always present with a sales car.

Every year Fryso Sadels offers prizes for the basic sport (B to ZZ-Licht), formerly a Fryso Saddle for the highest day score. Since 2021, all eight champions have received a €1000 discount voucher when purchasing a new Fryso Saddle.

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Champions 2022

The 2022 basic sport champions are:
Class B: Kianne Plantinga and Something vd Attesweg (by Alwin 469) .
Class L1: Shannon van Manen and Graaf (by Meinte 490)
Class L2: Thea Dijkstra and Harm fan de Koldenhool (s.Michiel 442)
Class M1: Laura Roling and Floris van de Terpen (by Hessel 480)
Class M2: Isabelle Vroomans and Brechtje fan de Demro Stables (by Jorn 430)
Class Z1: Debby de Graaf and Zerafine Black stables (s.Bartele 472)
Class Z2: Demi van Nuys and Rob van de Demro Stables (by Tsjalle 454)
Class ZZ-Licht: Wendy Okkema and Stal Okkema's Willem (by Michiel 442)

The beautiful photos were made for Ingrid Truijens, thank you!