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Fryso Saddles

Fryso® saddles are handmade horse saddles, made of pre-selected materials of English quality and manufacture. In the field of horse saddles, England is far ahead of other countries. Traditionally, England is the horse country par excellence. We have opted to use the existing centuries-old English knowledge and expertise in combination with our experience and knowledge of the anatomy of the Frisian horse. This has resulted in a saddle that offers much comfort to the rider as well as to the horse, the Fryso® saddle. What is unique in the case of the Fryso® saddle is that the saddle is made from start to finish by the same saddle maker. This means that all of the customer’s wishes can be incorporated into the saddle.


The Fryso® saddle has extra-wide hand-stuffed panels. The panels are stuffed with 100% natural wool. These panels are anatomically shaped, allowing them to properly fit the back of the horse. These well-shaped panels distribute the weight of the rider optimally over the horse saddle. This benefits the back of the horse. The horse has to devote as little effort as possible in carrying its load. Specially designed knee rolls ensure that the legs maintain their proper position. This allows the rider to better absorb the movements of the horse.

All Fryso® saddles are characterized by excellent workmanship and very comfortable and soft seating.

Fryso® saddles are available in seat sizes 16 inch through 18.5 inch for the rider and tree sizes 2 through 7 for the horse.


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